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Lead, the EPA, and the Far-Reaching Benefits of Government Regulation

By Russell Glass Editor’s Note: This guest post was contributed by Russell Glass, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author of the new children’s book “Voting With a Porpoise.” In a previous post, I described how to talk politics to people who disagree with you: 1) tell compelling stories that 2) invoke at least one important morality and 3) talk about existing

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Your Grandfather’s Internet

By Stan Holt Saying you love the U.S. Postal Service today is a little like saying you love taxis in the age of Uber and self-driving cars. Or coal in the age of solar. Who would mourn snail mail?  Can’t you get everything worth getting digitally now? Would you — or the earth’s forests — miss the junk mail? But

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Why We Need Middle out Economics to Replace Trickle Down Economics

We have four decades of evidence comprehensively proving that trickle down economics was a con perpetuated on ordinary citizens to enrich the already wealthy. We need to return instead, to the middle-out economics that fostered the most stable and fastest growing economy America has ever seen. “Once upon a time, in the middle of the last century, America had a

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A Word About Unions

Sometimes bumper stickers get right to the truth. Case in point, the bumper sticker that reads, “The Labor Movement: The Folks Who Brought You the Weekend.” Unions fought hard for victories that still benefit the overwhelming majority of Americans: safe workplaces, child labor bans, healthcare benefits, pensions, and of course, the 40-hour work week, aka the weekend. Fighting for these

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The Strange Persistence of the Self-Made Man Myth

Successful men like Bill Gates, and successful women like Sheryl Sandberg, are commonly thought to have risen to the top of the business world solely because of their own gifts and grit. It’s a concept popularized by Ayn Rand’s novels: captains of industry realize their own greatness completely on their own—in spite of the government (and the mediocre bureaucrats who

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